Spotlight Award – Mike Brooks, OPS Wireless

September 2015

About US

OPS Wireless develops, manufactures and markets radio remote controls and integrated machine control systems. Our success is directly tied to a passion for growing our customers business with improved technology and reliability.

We have years of experience and a proven track record serving OEM manufactures and the Department of Defense. These partners have demanding applications with machines located around the world in a variety of markets, for example: mining, utility and construction. Our staff of engineers have the capability to develop systems using radio remote controls, electronic displays, hydraulic valves and any custom manufactured products to connect all three.

Our designs make customers machines more intelligent, reliable, and productive which in turn helps them increase their market share.


Ohio Power Systems was founded in September 2003. We currently do business as OPS Wireless. The company was formed at the request of Omnex Controls for a dedicated channel partner and a belief in Mike Brooks’ passion for his customer’s success.  At this time Omnex was just taking center stage for being known for setting the standard in RF technology with frequency hopping spread spectrum radios. The improved technology helped us establish a business model that promoted better reliability over other brands.

Starting in 2010 OPS Wireless in a joint venture with Scanreco (Stockholm, Sweden) decided to introduce its radio remote control product line to North American manufactures. OPS Wireless is the only company manufacturing Scanreco radio remote controls in America. Today we are Scanreco’ largest customer in North America.

In 2014 a subsidiary company called Zeus Locomotive was formed. This company’s primary purpose is to manufactures wireless control robotic interface for locomotives. This product line will be marketed exclusively thru a Berkshire Hathaway company by the name of Trackmobile.

We have grown aggressively eleven out of twelve years and expect to double in the next five.

OPS Wireless will be also adding 2500 square feet to the existing building in the next six months so that we can add more employees.

OPS Wireless

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